Mark Randol


Mark Randol is a homeland security expert with over 35 years of experience in the fields of intelligence, counterterrorism, and aviation security. He has taught courses at Eastern Kentucky University and the University of Southern California, as well as U.S. Coast Guard-certified maritime security courses. He also provides security consulting services for, among other clients, the Bank of Canada (Ottawa), United Airlines, the Phoenix Department of Aviation, the Palo Alto Jewish Community Center, and several independent schools.

In government service, Mr. Randol served as the senior specialist in domestic intelligence and counterterrorism at the Congressional Research Service (CRS) in Washington, D.C., and as Director of Counterterrorism Policy at the Department of Homeland Security (DHS), where he was responsible for coordinating interagency counterterrorism plans and policies. In that role, he represented DHS at the National Security Council’s Counterterrorism Security Group, charged with overseeing U.S. Government counterterrorism efforts.

Other professional assignments include serving as one of the original cadre of Transportation Security Administration (TSA) Federal Security Directors. He has 14 years of experience as a civil aviation security manager, inspector, and intelligence analyst with the Federal Aviation Administration in Washington, D.C. and Brussels, Belgium. He also served as a Senior Aviation Security Officer with the International Civil Aviation Organization in Montréal, Canada.

Mr. Randol served for 8-1/2 years in the U.S. Air Force, with assignments in Taipei, Taiwan; Stuttgart, Germany; Osan, Korea; and the National Security Agency, as well as 3-1/2 years as a civilian on the Army Intelligence Staff at the Pentagon.

He graduated from the University of California at Berkeley, earned a Masters Degree in Government (National Security Studies) from Georgetown University in Washington, D.C., and has completed all Ph.D. coursework and comprehensive exams at the Catholic University of America; Washington D.C.

Published on August 17th, 2018

Last updated on October 4th, 2023