Academic Works from USC Viterbi School of Engineering Aviation Safety & Security Program Instructors & Staff

The instructors and staff of the USC Aviation Safety & Security Program continue to develop and promote new ideas and projects throughout the international aviation industry. Our team works to promote new Aviation Safety & Security knowledge the world over, through consultation, professional works, instruction, and academic endeavors. One focus that the USC Viterbi School of Engineering is most proud of is the high volume and quality of academic research and publication our instructors and staff pursue each year. This page is meant to recognize those efforts with the latest publications from our instructors and staff.

Instructor Publications

Thomas Anthony:

"Human Factors In Extremis"
, The Investigator, November 2015

"Situational Resource Management", AeroSafety World, July-August 2014

"Right From the Start", AeroSafety World, February 2014

"The IHTAR Model", AeroSafety World, March 2012

"The Need to Notice", AeroSafety World, September 2011

"TEM's Unspoken Language", AeroSafety World, March 2011

"SMS on Wheels", AeroSafety World, September 2009.

"Wake Me When My Shift is Over", AeroSafety World, March 2009.

"Airport Security Programmes: revising and approving", Aviation Security International, April 2006.

"Air Cargo Security Rule Changes", Air Cargo World, November 2006

Airports Council International (ACI) Airport Managers Handbook, Chapter 9 Air Cargo Security

Michael Barr:

SMS for the Middle Manager - Flight Safety Foundation, AeroSafety World - 2011

Gregg Bendrick:

Breaking the Mishap Chain - NASA Aeronautics Book Series - May 10, 2012

Frank Tullo:

What Next in Airine Safety? - Aviation Week & Space Technology - December 2011

The Next Century Of Flight - Aviation Week & Space Technology - January 2002

Viewpoint - Aviation Week & Space Technology - May 2001

Aerospace Forum: Rethinking Crew Error- Aviation Week & Space Technology - July 2000

Viewpoint - Aviation Week & Space Technology - September 1999

David Royo:

Situational Resource Management - AeroSafety World Magazine - July 2014

Sue Warner-Bean:

In the Event of Disaster: Family Assistance Programmes - Aviation Security international - August 2011

Harrison Wolf

The Emerging Role of Safety Management Systems in Aerospace - IEEE Aerospace Journal - March 2012

ITAR Reforms for Dual-Use Technologies: A Case Analysis and Policy Outline - IEEE Aerospace Journal - March 2012

Right From the Start - AeroSafety World Magazine - February 2014

Glenn Wynn:

Protection, Security, and Safeguards: Practical Approaches and Perspectives - Chapter 7 - CRC Press - June 2000

Could Anyone Have Saved Germanwings? - Politico Magazine - March 2015

Published on June 23rd, 2017

Last updated on January 14th, 2020