Contract Courses

Meeting a Need

Aircraft operators, airports and aviation authorities often have the need to provide USC Aviation Safety and Security courses to a large number of employees.  In order to respond to this need, the USC Aviation Safety and System Safety program courses are available upon request at locations other than our Los Angeles classrooms.  This allows an aviation organization to train its employees in a short amount of time for a relatively modest cost.

Within the last year we have conducted off-site courses on several continents.  The International Federation of Air Line Pilots' Associations (IFALPA) hosted two courses, Human Factors in Aviation Safety and Incident Investigation/Analysis, in Tunisia.  The AirLine Pilots' Association (ALPA) of Japan hosted a course in Aircraft Accident Investigation.  In the Caribbean, the training center for the Civil Aviation Authority of Trinidad & Tobago provided support for courses in Aviation Safety Management Systems and Investigation/Analysis.

On the domestic scene, the US Air Force, Navy, Army and Google received training in Aviation Safety and System Safety courses at various locations within the United States.

The previous year saw USC training provided in Seoul, Korea for Korean Airlines and a host of other Asian air carriers.

Organizations interested in arranging for a contract course at their own facilities should contact Holly Inaba at: or at 310-342-1352.