Human Performance, Resilience and Leadership (HPRL)

Course Description

**This course will be conducted entirely at our lab located at 905 Westminster Ave, Alhambra, CA. We highly recommend staying nearby and not near LAX.**

The study of Human Factors has traditionally focused on how humans make errors. Over time the discipline has matured into the study of why humans make errors and how organizational factors can contribute to errors. This course examines the subject from the reverse point of view. Human Performance and Resilience is a course that presents how an organization can build attitudes, language, and behaviors that result in improved team communication, resilience, and productivity.

Decision-making and judgment have a central role in the course. Sound decision-making is based upon a clear understanding of the organization’s mission. This can only be accomplished through example-driven leadership and an organizational culture that values listening. The concept of Leading from the Middle is presented and practiced.

Actfullness is the desired individual attitude that is the result of an understanding of an organization’s mission, its rules, and its priorities. Resilience is the result.

All organizations and all individuals will experience setbacks and critical challenges. Resilience is the capability that allows promotes recovery. The ways to develop resilience are identified. Flexibility and creativity are essential for dealing with anomalous and unique challenges.

This course goes beyond the recognition that good communication is a necessity for a productive and resilient organization. Specific communication techniques for leaders and peers are practiced, among them the value of active listening, focus, and respect. Words are important.

One person’s perception is their reality. An understanding of how the brain works and how people react serves as a physiological basis for improving organizational communication and performance. The recognition that an individual’s perception is the composite of their consciousness, their preconscious, and their subconscious is essential for a full understanding of an individual’s perspective.

Justice and fairness are essential for a well-functioning organization. Part of this is Competency Based Training or Evidence-Based Training through which a transparent and objective view of performance is obtained. The inverse of this is an organization where performance assessments and decisions are subjective and result in resentment. Techniques to counter resentment are taught and practiced.

Objectives: To provide skills that improve decision-making and promote interpersonal behaviors that build improved organizational resilience both at the leadership and individual employee level.

Who Should Attend: Managers, Safety Officers, Chief Pilots, Heads of Maintenance, and Human Factors Specialists.

HPRL 25-1
HPRL 25-2
HPRL 26-1
9-13 Sept 2024
6-10 Jan 2025
8-12 Sep 2025

Course Outline

CEU: 4.0

Course Duration: 5.0 Days

Tuition: $3,450 (July 2024 - June 2025); $TBD (July 2025 - June 2026)

  1. Leadership at all Levels
  2. Leading from the Middle
  3. Role Models - The Significant Few
  4. Effective Decision-making
  5. Evidence Based Training
  6. Organizational Resilience
  7. Individual Resilience
  8. Shared-mission Understanding
  9. The Centrality of Communication
  10. The Right Words; the Right Way
  11. Listening as a Cultural Pilar
  12. Emotional Intelligence
  13. Reason's Cheese Reversed
  14. Effective Listening
  15. The Physiology of Individual Perception
  16. Case Studies and Resilience Exercises

Published on April 10th, 2023

Last updated on March 19th, 2024