Digital Photography for Aircraft Accident Investigation (PHOTO)

Course Description

This specialized course in accident investigation is designed to assist the investigator to improve photographic documentation of an accident site.  Course participants will take photographs of components and critique them as a class.  This course assumes that the investigator is not a professional photographer.

Objectives: To provide the aircraft accident investigator with basic accident photographic and video techniques.

Who Should Attend: Individuals involved in aircraft accident investigation.

  • Dates
    11-12 Oct. 2018
    21-22 Mar. 2019

  • Course No.
    PHOTO 19-1
    PHOTO 19-2

Course Outline

  • Digital Photography
  • Basic Photographic Equipment
  • Lenses and Camera Controls
  • Electronic Flash
  • General Techniques
  • Macro Photography
  • Lighting
  • Picture Identification
  • Specialized Photographic Techniques
  • On-Site Photographic Priorities
  • Student Practice Session
  • Critique of Student Photographs
  • Videography
  • Basics in Videography
  • Uses of Video in an Aircraft Accident Investigation

Required:  Each student should bring a Digital SLR camera or digital camera equipped with a Macro (close-up) lens feature, if available, and a flash.  A limited number of cameras are available to be checked out from the USC program; please coordinate beforehand to determine availability.

Course Duration:  2.0 Days

Tuition: $1125