Kurt Rever


Kurt Rever is a Principal Engineer in Human Factors with GE Aviation. Kurt joined the GE Aviation EHS in 2007 as a site ergonomist and, in 2014, assisted in the development of the Engineering Flight Safety Human Factors Team. In collaboration with the Maintainability, Reliability, and Supportability groups, the HF group analyses management systems to build resilience to human error. Previously, he consulted and trained in ergonomics, human factors, and injury/ error reduction programs in the northeast and Canada. Currently, he designs and delivers customized applications for error reduction and process improvement by integrating Cognitive/ Behavioral psychology, Human Factors, and Ergonomics with business management principles. For over 30 years, Kurt has been involved in field research and publishing articles on human performance issues in healthcare, insurance, aviation manufacturing, and other unionized and non-union businesses. He holds advanced degrees in Clinical, Counseling, and Substance Abuse Psychology and Occupational Ergonomics. Field-related interests include prevention through design, organizational change management, and proactive use of biomechanics for reducing soft tissue injury, stress, and fatigue.

Published on March 9th, 2022

Last updated on October 4th, 2023