Accident/Incident Response Preparedness (AIP)

Course Description

This course is designed for individuals who are involved in either preparing for an accident or responding to one as a representative of their organization.  It is based on the premise that accidents are relatively rare events and organizations may have little experience in dealing with them.  While the situation is usually complex, challenging, and stressful, the impact on individuals or an organization can be reduced by preparation and developing an effective response plan.

Objectives: To provide information on the effective preparation for an accident including organizational policy and planning.  To provide organizational representatives with the knowledge and skills to function effectively during post-accident activities and situations.  To provide the attendee with the knowledge required to write an effective company response plan.

Who Should Attend: Management and safety personnel involved in planning, response or recovery from accident/incident situations.

  • Dates
    27 – 30 Aug. 2018
    18 – 21 Mar. 2019

  • Course No.
    AIP 19-1
    AIP 19-2

Course Outline

  1. Communications and Media Planning
    • Communication Reality and Strategy Development
    • Aviation and Crisis Communication Principles
    • Message Development and Responding on Aviation Issues
    • Getting It Right and Getting It Wrong — Lessons Learned
    • Interview Guidelines
    • Parties to an Investigation and Their Communication Styles
    • The International Element and Differences in Cultural Styles of Communication
  2. Family and Victim Assistance in Aviation Accidents
    • Understanding the Need for Humanitarian Response
    • Critical Needs and Issues for Families, Survivors, and Carriers/Operators
    • Preparing and Implementing a Family Assistance Plan
    • How to Effectively Assist Victims and Survivors
  3. Accident / Incident Response Plan Development
    • The Challenge of Planning for and Responding to Aviation Accidents
    • Response Planning Benefits and Problems
    • Air Carrier / Aircraft Operator Planning Process
    • Response Plan Development – Putting It All Together
    • Other Aviation Related Response Plans
    • Effectively Interacting with Emergency Responders

Course Duration:  3.0 Days

Tuition: $2000 (July 2018 – June 2019)