Safety Management for Airport Construction Operations (SMS-ACO)

Course Description

This course is designed for airport supervisors, managers, operations personnel as well as all stakeholders that are involved in airport construction and construction management. The FAA requires that the Safety Risk Management process and the Construction Safety Phasing Plan processes be integrated into most significant airport construction projects. SRM is the heart of an airport’s Safety Management System. How to conduct the SRM process, integration of the CSPP and how these integrate with the airport's SMS is the core objective of the course.

Objectives: To provide students with the ability to conduct, participate in or oversee an SRM and/or CSPP process. To provide students with an understanding of how SRM and CSPP perform vital functions within an airport SMS.

Who Should Attend: Airport engineers in charge, airport operations personnel, ATC, Tech Ops personnel, engineering company project representatives involved in airport construction, FBO supervisors, AARF personnel as well as airline management pilots.

SMS-ACO 24-1
SMS-ACO 25-1
22-24 Jan 2024
Spring 2025

Course Outline

  1. The Standard - ICAO SMS
    • Annex 19
    • Annex 14
    • ICAO Safety Managemet
  2. The Framework
    • ICAO + FAA
    • NPRM FAA 2010-0997 (Proposed rule Part 139)
    • 14 CFR 5
  3. Types of Requirements
    • Laws, Standards, Regulations, Approved Programs, Advisory Circulars, Orders, Notices, SAFOs, Emergency Ammendments
  4. FAA Directives (all LOBs) on SMS and SRM
    • 8000.369B
    • 8040.4A
  5. Airport Pilot Studies
    • ACRP Synthesis 34 - Lessons Learned
  6. Airport Specific Guidance on SMS, SRM
    • Operational Safety on Airports During Construction
      • AC 150/5200 - 37
    • FAA Order 5200.11 (change 3)
    • AC 150/5370 - 2, Implementing CSSP
    • FAA JO 7400.2
  7. Exercises
    • CSSP
    • FMEA
    • SRA

CEU: 2.1

Course Duration: 3.0 Days

Tuition: $2,000 (July 2023 - June 2024); $TBD (July 2024 - June 2025)

Published on April 18th, 2018

Last updated on April 6th, 2023