Steve Cowell

Flight Operations

Throughout an aviation career spanning over 40 years, experience in numerous critical and emergency situations serving as a pilot crewmember. These situations include aborted takeoffs, in-flight bomb threats, loss of hydraulic systems, in-flight engine shutdowns, loss of critical controls, passenger emergency illnesses, lightning strikes, loss of communications etc. Civilian trained with over 18,500 hours of pilot experience that includes flight hours in 26 different aircraft. Experience includes the Boeing 727, Boeing 737 and LearJet with over 13,500 hours in domestic and international airline operations. Regional airline operational experience totaling 2550 hours in the Bombardier DHC-8-Q400 and the Fairchild SA227 Metroliner aircraft. International and domestic experience includes flights to Canada, Mexico, the Caribbean (including Guantanamo Bay, Cuba), Central America, Atlantic crossings from England and operations into every major airport in the contiguous United States and Alaska. General aviation, air show demonstrations, charter, emergency medical transport and regional airline experience into numerous airports including those in mountainous regions. Over 750 flight hours and 115 air show demonstrations as owner/restorer/pilot of a uniquely historic World War II North American T-6..

Pilot Instructor

Four years conducting advanced pilot flight training with United Airlines Contract Training Department in the B737 and B727. Responsible for safety procedure instruction and flight training to required UAL standards of excellence to airline pilots from Central and South America, Russia as well as the United States in normal, abnormal and emergency procedures. Coordinated safety evaluations with government representatives. Favorably acknowledged as only non-UAL Pilot Instructor permitted to instruct at UAL Training Center. In addition, over twenty five years of general aviation ground and flight instruction experience.

Airport Operational and Administrative Management

Two years experience in all facets of operations, administration and maintenance with a non-towered municipal airport.

FAA appointed Accident Prevention Counselor

Ten years serving as an conducting safety seminars, counseling individual pilots and serving as an interface between pilots facing administrative actions and FAA safety inspectors.

Accident Survival Committee

Airline Pilots Association (ALPA)

Operational development team member with DuoDeck

Project that successfully certified the B727 as a two pilot aircraft. Safety specific duties included procedural development, flight test, cockpit ergonomic verifications as well as coordination with on-site FAA safety and certification team members.

Flight Attendant - Continental Airlines

Domestic and international airline operations, responsible for all aspects of inflight passenger cabin safety (one and three quarter years).

Notable Accomplishment

Eleven years as pilot owner of historic World War Two airplane- the last Tuskegee Airmen aircraft extant. Researched and ensured restoration to original condition ensuring complete historical accuracy over a three year period. Took this historical aircraft from unknown entity to national acclaim. Created brand, generated public awareness, awards and garnered interest from the Smithsonian, the National Aviation Hall of Fame, various museums and corporations and the media. Subject of numerous features in both print and television. Toured and displayed this aircraft inflight and on the ground at over 115 air shows nationally and several museums.


  • Airline Transport Pilot B727; B737, DHC-8 (Q400); LR (SIC)
  • Commercial Pilot (single engine-land)
  • Flight Engineer – Turbojet
  • Certified Flight Instructor; Instrument Instructor; Multi-Engine Instructor
  • Advanced and Instrument Ground Instructor
  • Training and qualifications received from seven airlines in the B727, B737 classic and
  • B737-800. Factory training by Flight Safety (Canada) in the Bombardier DHC-8 Q400.
  • FAA/USAF High Altitude Physiological Training for Aviation


  • National Air & Space Museum, National Aviation Hall of Fame - National Aviation Heritage Competition (2001).
  • FBI (Denver office) - Letter of Appreciation; assisted with successful resolution of attempted
    airline hijacking.

Published on May 4th, 2020

Last updated on May 4th, 2020